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Subject: Re: Time Lapse Animation

Ole wrote:
> Thinking about buying DIS. My need is to create a time
> lapse video from consecutive images taken on my Nikon
> Coolpix 950. I have an intervelometer connected to take a
> frame every 20 seconds. My video will be approx. 2000
> frames. Can I do this with DIS 2006?? Can I get playback
> speeds around 30 frames per second??
DIS is a digital image editing program...it does not
edit video. The closest thing to video is a tool called
Flipbook that will create an animated .gif file. This
option allows you to choose the size of the images
and the time for each frame to be displayed.

Maybe you would find Windows Movie Maker or
Photo Story 3 to be useful for your task.


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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