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Subject: Re: TIFFs appear all Black

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 09:59:01 +0400, Scarfe''''s Electronics

> Intermittently, Tiff files appear as a black block, but print OK.
> Windows
> ME. It's a program for referencing circuit diagrams.

I guess it would be good idea to describe your problem more specifically,
for example, tell us what programs shows them as black blocks and how do
you print them.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that TIFFs allow several different forms of
compression and this may be the source of the problem. Give a try to some
freeware image viewers/converters like XnView or IrfanView to see what
compression and color scheme your TIFFs use and probably convert them to
something more compatible.

Ilya Razmanov
http://photoshop.msk.ru/ - Photoshop plug-in filters


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