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Subject: Re: Starter Edition

BK wrote:
> We just got a new computer system with Windows XP Media
> Edition. I just ran across the Digital Imaging Starter
> Edition and have taken a cursory glance at what it does.
> I only edit personal pictures to get rid of red eyes and
> to brighten up dark pictures. I am by no means a
> professional.
> Will this Starter Edition expire, or will I be able to
> use it indefinitely? I don't need to upgrade to more
> advanced photo editing tools, but I'd like to know that
> I'll be able to get rid of red eyes on all my home photos
> for the foreseeable future.
> Any information on this Microsoft Digital Imaging Starter
> Edition 2006?
Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006
is a downloadable 60 day trial version with
much of the functionality of MS Digital Image
Suite 2006.

Once your 60 day trial period has ended, the
program will de-feature to minimal functionality.

Unlike the retail version...the trial does not
have the ability to create VCDs and does
not support RAW files.

Microsoft Digital Image
Starter Edition 2006

Be aware that it's a 109 MB download....

Also...maybe one or all of the following
freebies would be useful to you:

FastStone Image Viewer


Download IrfanView
(get the plug-ins too)


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

Digital Image
Highlights and FAQs

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