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Subject: Re: Plugin errors after Windows update?

shelleyrae wrote:
> I installed the automatic updates released yesterday by
> Windows and today every time I try to launch a plugin
> filter , DIS2006 closes. There is no error message or
> warning it just closes.
> Everything was fine yesterday so I am thinking its a
> clash with the latest update. I have over 20 plugins and
> ive tried half - the problem is the same with each. Thsi
> si teh only error that is occuring, everything else is
> operating normally.
> Any one else run in to this?
> I have DIS 2006 Suite running XP Home with 1Gb Ram and
> 400GB harddrive so i know its not a memory issue - Ive
> also done scan disk, clean up disk etc Yet to uninstall
> and reinstall though.
Might be worth a try to uninstall/reinstall DIS2006.

Do you know what you installed from Windows
Update? Was it just critical updates or did you
install any new drivers?

Just as an experiment...try reducing your graphics
hardware acceleration and see if the issue is

John Inzer
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