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Subject: Re: *More* Microsoft Picture It 10

Here's an article about the .pd2 file:

(894723) Digital Image stops responding
when you try to start the program


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

Digital Image
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> carol25 wrote:
>> I have reinstalled my software but still I get corrupted
>> catalog database. Can someone please get me directions to
>> fix this?
> ================================
> Your Ver.10 data base is in your POD folder,
> typically found at: C:Documents and Settings
> user nameApplication DataMicrosoftPOD
> Also you can get to the folder by going to
> Start/Run and typing:
> "%APPDATA%MicrosoftPod"
> In the POD folder, rename the following
> files to xxxx.old:
> Original file name New file name
> PodArchive.log PodArchive.log.old
> Pictures.pod Pictures.pod.old
> Pictures.pd2 Pictures.pd2.old
> Keeping a current backup copy of the contents
> of your POD folder is a good idea.
> If you still have the issue...try the following
> articles:
> (894735) You may receive the "Catalog
> database has become corrupted" error message
> when you use Picture It! Photo Premium 10
> or Digital Image
> http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=894735
> (870630) How to resolve problems that occur
> with the JET component and with the MDAC
> component
> http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=870630


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