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Subject: Re:*More* Adding signatures to photos?

You mentioned...learning?

Maybe the following links will be useful:

Download a .pdf copy of the DIS2006 manual:

Picture It! / Digital Image
Companion Guides

Lots of good tutorials.....

Mary's Graphics (Picture It! / Digital Image
Pro tutorials)

Scrapbook-Bytes Digital Image Pro Tutorials

kimlizzy's Digital Image Pro Tutorials

Microsoft Digital Image Pro and Picture It! User Resources

Short Courses On Digital Imaging

A Few Scanning Tips


> lcseds wrote:
>> I have not purchased DIS yet, but I will need something
>> soon to start learning. Is there a way to easily add
>> signatures, or even just initials with a copyright logo
>> of some type to your photos in DIS?
> ===========================
> You can add text to one image at a time
> with a textbox and/or you can add images/
> logos/etc...one image at a time. Also
> you can print an index sheet that includes
> the File Names.
> You may want to try the Starter version...
> Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006
> is a downloadable 60 day trial version with
> much of the functionality of MS Digital Image
> Suite 2006.
> Once your 60 day trial period has ended, the
> program will de-feature to minimal functionality.
> Unlike the retail version...the trial does not
> have the ability to create VCDs and does
> not support RAW files.
> Microsoft Digital Image
> Starter Edition 2006
> http://tinyurl.com/8x6ea
> Be aware that it's a 109 MB download....


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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