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Subject: Re: Making a part of an object transparent

You probably has to erase or cutout the background to make it transparent.
Depending on which version you have, you will either use the cutout tool or
the selection tool. If you have the cutout tool, then use the "by color"
part of the cutout and select the white, then cut it off, make sure you are
cutting off the right part, you may have to use the "cutout opposite area".
With the selection too, you will have to use the magic wand and click on the
white. Then go to EDIT/DELETE at the top and it should be gone.

Good Luck,

"Ed Santana" wrote in message
> Hi I'm new at this so this might sound dumb.
> I am trying to make a a bmp image that has the outher edge area
> transparent
> so that it will take up what ever background color show up. This is for a
> webpage. I cant seem to get the background color to show up and only a
> white
> backgroud like the page shows up. Can anyone explin to me how to do this.
> Thanks


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Making a part of an object transparent =>


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