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Subject: Re: Lossless JPEG Rotation

jonheal wrote:
> Since I got a warning about losing quality when I
> attempted to rotate a thumbnail, I'm assuming the DIS
> 2006 is not capable or lossless JPEG rotation, a la Adobe
> Phot Album. Is this true?
Like Windows Picture and Fax Viewer...MS
Digital Image 2006 Library is capable of lossless
JPEG rotation if the image dimensions are
multiples of 16.

Some examples:
640 x 480
1600 x 1200
2048 x 1536
2560 x 1920
2816 x 2112

As Yves points out...rotating a high resolution
JPEG image should not create visible loss even
if you see the "degrade the image quality" dialog.

Best bet...always retain your original unedited
files and burn them on external media for archival
purposes. Create and use copies for all editing

Also...if lots of edits and re-edits are expected...
consider converting the images to a lossless
format like PNG or TIFF.


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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