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Subject: Re: Home network

Mulequi wrote:
> I just started using Digital Imaging Studio this weekend.
> My question is about flags and a network. My wife and I
> use different computers in our home but access all of our
> pictures on a file server in the garage. Previously I
> had all the images in folders that I made myself, there
> was pretty much no way to do anykind of automatic
> importing from our digital camera. So what we want to do
> now if just have all the pics in one folder and use flags
> to sort them inside of DIS06. My question is, are the
> flags saved in the pic file or is it apart of the DIS
> program? It seems from what I read that it is saved in a
> .pod file I believe.
> So that means that any changes my wife does will not be
> reflected on my computer, and vice versa. By changes I
> mean importing and adding flags to the imported pictures.
> So is there anyway that DIS can work off of a networked
> pod file, or is there another solution that would enable
> the two computers to work off a file server?
> Thanks in adavance
Some data is added to the image file
and some data is stored in Pictures.pd3.
You can right click an image and go to..
Properties / Summary / Advanced...to
see the included data.

You are correct that each user has their
own Pictures.pd3 database. It should
be found at:

C:Documents and Settings
Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoft

Maybe the following info will offer some ideas:

Sharing Digital Image Suite
2006 Database between users

The method in the article is for multiple
users on a single machine. Maybe you can
adapt it to your network.

The library is designed for each user to have
a separate .pd3 file. Issues may develop if
both users access and edit the shared file at
the same time.


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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