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Subject: Re: Help with soft edges in Digital Image 9

I know I used to live by using the softedges tool. I now use DI10 and it
seems to take too much away from the outside. I now use the transparency
brush to trim up the outside of a cutout, it takes quite a while, but well
worth the effort if you have the time.
I never tried to use a negative number, but the tool is wonderful for making
a fake beveled edge!
Yes once you close the project even saved in png, you can't go back and
change it. The best thing would have been to make a copy of the cutout
before you did anything to it, so you could start at the beginning if you
needed to. But don't feel bad, I never save when I should either, sometimes
it makes for more work.

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"DVDLover" wrote in message
> Hello,
> In previous versions of Picture It, as long as the cutout existed in the
> stack, you could use a negative number in the soft edges dialog box and
> revert the soft edges setting back to "original". How is the same feat
> accomplished in DI9? It does not allow negative numbers in the soft edges
> dialog box.
> I closed the session and cannot undo the soft edges. The cutout remains
> in
> the stack when I opened the png file back up in a later editing session,
> but
> now I no longer want soft edges. Is there any steps to remove the soft
> edges
> on the cutout without having to create a completely new cutout from the
> original photograph?


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Re: Help with soft edges in Digital Image 9

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