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Subject: Re: Help with filling background

Thank you people, I will try that! By the way, does anyone know of any great
tutorials for digital image? My works suite only came with a user's manual
that doesn't go into great depth of how to do more "artistic" things(other
than edit pics).

"Mary" wrote:

> Hi,
> If it is a default white, is it the transparent white? Or did you insert a
> shape to fill the banner? Because usually on a new project, if it is white,
> then it is transparent. Once you have filled the banner, then you should be
> able to effects/fill/fill with color.
> Good Luck!
> Mary
> "mgcollins21" wrote in message
> news:09C359BE-A79A-4FBC-B968-43241FEBEB8F@microsoft.com...
> > Hey guys, I'm totally new to digital image and visual stuff in general.
> > I'm trying to make a banner..I got the text, but I'm trying to change the
> > background color from the default white, anyone know how to do this?


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