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Subject: Re: FONT : Where are all the fonts?

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 23:11:02 +0400, Patriot Front

> I built a new system & re-installed all my old programs. DIP9 was one
> of my
> favorites. I have lots of flyers & such with different fonts. One of
> the
> fonts I know is missing is called BOULDER. There are others missing too,
> although I'm not sure what their names are.

It's not the DIP problem. Fonts get installed into your system, not to
specific application, and then are used by all of the applications on that
machine. "Boulder" is not one of the "standard" fonts that come with
Windows; I guess you got it somewhere else and installed on your previous
machine. Now you have to find it and install on a new one. In fact, it's a
good idea to make a copy of all your fonts before going to new system -
last time I had to go to a new one, I spent whole day searching through my
CDs for this or that font.

Ilya Razmanov
http://photoshop.msk.ru/ - Photoshop plug-in filters


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