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Subject: Re: FONT : Where are all the fonts?

Patriot Front wrote:
> I built a new system & re-installed all my old programs.
> DIP9 was one of my favorites. I have lots of flyers &
> such with different fonts. One of the fonts I know is
> missing is called BOULDER. There are others missing too,
> although I'm not sure what their names are.
Sounds like some of your previous software
installed some fonts....(maybe even something
you installed and then uninstalled...the fonts
would remain in your fonts folder) or possibly
you downloaded some from the net. I have
several versions of Picture It! / Digital Image
installed and do not have a font called Boulder.

Here are a couple of sites that offer free fonts:

Simply The Best Fonts

Free Fonts To Download
(check B / B5 for Boulder)

John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

Digital Image
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