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Subject: Re: EXIF data

Andy P wrote:
> In my inbox you will see to pics of some dude from a ren
> faire...
> All post p was done with DIP then saved at 72DPI. Then I
> did a save for web in DIP at 800 on it's longest side.
> Then Scaled the saved post p file with the GIMP and saved
> (jpg compression 85) to a file.
> http://www.pbase.com/awpollard/inbox
> Looking at the 2 clicking back and forth I actually think
> I see what is going on...Save for web seems to be over
> sharpening the image (normally I would do a sharpen to my
> resized GIMP shots but did not here...definately not as
> much as Save for web did).
> Look at the edge of the sword, edges (and shadows) of the
> gentlemens costume and bandana on both shots and you can
> see what I call jaggies).
> Now no one prints at this resolution but when competing
> on the web at 72DPI and resolutions no greater than 800
> or even some of them at 640, it is noticable.
> The resize powertoy is pretty cool but appears to do no
> sharpening at all. Still a cool ut that I will use.
> Thanks...
OK...you cropped this image...this may be
the reason for pixelation. And...the GIMP
version appears to have some type of blur
added which would make the edges appear


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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