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Subject: Re: EXIF data

I will do post p and resize with both DIP10 and the GIMP and post link to
them over at my pbase account.

But I will try the Powertoy Resizer (most be fairly new as I dl'd the color
management not too long ago) thanks.

BTW: I am using a Canon 20D which is EXIF 2.21

"John Inzer" wrote:

> Andy P wrote:
> > Question is: Is there a way to tweak the way DIP10 saves
> > the EXIF data in a Edited Photo?
> ================
> No.
> ================
> > If DIP10 scaled (downsized) or saved for web a little
> > cleaner (with smaller filesize jpgs) I would never leave
> > DIP, But there is no avoiding the jaggies with DIP
> > resizing.
> =================
> I haven't experienced the *jaggies* that
> you describe. What is the original pixel
> size of your images? Are you going to...
> Save a copy for / Save for e-mail or web?
> What size are you choosing? Are you
> choosing a small size and then viewing it
> full screen?
> Have you tried resizing in Windows Explorer?
> There's a free PowerToy that does a nice job.
> (I'm guessing you are running WinXP)
> OK, go to the following link and download and
> install: ImageResizer.exe
> http://tinyurl.com/36n
> Then you can open any folder that contains
> images and you will have an option to resize.
> Just right click the selected image files and
> choose Resize Pictures from the menu. You
> can select one image or a whole group.
> The program will place the resized copies in
> the folder with your originals.
> (Tip: *Never* overwrite your originals)
> To insure that images in both portrait and
> landscape orientation are resized to the
> same dimensions...go to...Advanced...
> and enter the largest number in both fields.
> IOW...for 600x800...enter 800 in both fields.
> --
> John Inzer
> MS Picture It! MVP
> Digital Image
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> http://tinyurl.com/aczzp
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