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Subject: Re: EXIF data

Andy P wrote:
> Question is: Is there a way to tweak the way DIP10 saves
> the EXIF data in a Edited Photo?
> If DIP10 scaled (downsized) or saved for web a little
> cleaner (with smaller filesize jpgs) I would never leave
> DIP, But there is no avoiding the jaggies with DIP
> resizing.
I haven't experienced the *jaggies* that
you describe. What is the original pixel
size of your images? Are you going to...
Save a copy for / Save for e-mail or web?

What size are you choosing? Are you
choosing a small size and then viewing it
full screen?

Have you tried resizing in Windows Explorer?
There's a free PowerToy that does a nice job.
(I'm guessing you are running WinXP)

OK, go to the following link and download and
install: ImageResizer.exe


Then you can open any folder that contains
images and you will have an option to resize.
Just right click the selected image files and
choose Resize Pictures from the menu. You
can select one image or a whole group.

The program will place the resized copies in
the folder with your originals.
(Tip: *Never* overwrite your originals)

To insure that images in both portrait and
landscape orientation are resized to the
same dimensions...go to...Advanced...
and enter the largest number in both fields.
IOW...for 600x800...enter 800 in both fields.


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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Re: EXIF data

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