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Subject: Re: Digital Image Library

"Norman" wrote:

> I found the POD folder (exactly where you said it would be), however, in the
> folder all I could find was "picture.pod" with a file size of 0 kb.
> "John Inzer" wrote:
> > Norman wrote:
> > > Is it possible to back up the Digital Image Library?
> > > Where is the information that keeps track of the labels
> > > for each picture kept? Is it part of the photo file
> > > itself or does Digital Image keep a record someplace
> > > else? Can this record be backed up and restored? In
> > > other words, I know how to back up my actual photo files.
> > > But after I spend HOURS assigning labels to each photo,
> > > how do I back up all that work?
> > =================================
> > As I suggest quite frequently, if you
> > catalog lots of images...it would be a
> > good idea to make regular backup
> > copies of your 2006 Library database.
> >
> > In the 2006 program...you'll find it at:
> > C:Documents and Settings
> > Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoft
> > PODPictures.pd3
> >
Are your sure you looked in the right folder? You must look in 'Local
Settings' ! There two folders 'application data' in each user's Documents And
Settings. One immediately under 'D a S' and one under 'D a SLocal Settings'.
And each of them contains a POD folder in the 'Microsoft' directory. Please
look again. I made this mistake the first time also...


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