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Subject: Re: Digital Image Library

Norman wrote:
> Is it possible to back up the Digital Image Library?
> Where is the information that keeps track of the labels
> for each picture kept? Is it part of the photo file
> itself or does Digital Image keep a record someplace
> else? Can this record be backed up and restored? In
> other words, I know how to back up my actual photo files.
> But after I spend HOURS assigning labels to each photo,
> how do I back up all that work?
As I suggest quite frequently, if you
catalog lots of images...it would be a
good idea to make regular backup
copies of your 2006 Library database.

In the 2006 program...you'll find it at:
C:Documents and Settings
Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoft

If you wish to do a search for Pictures.pd3...
be sure to include "Hidden Files and Folders"

To restore the database...just drop your
backup copy in the POD folder and allow
it to replace the current one.

Library database location in earlier verisons:

C:Documents and Settings
Application DataMicrosoftPODPictures.pd2

C:Documents and Settings
Application DataMicrosoftPODPictures.pod


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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