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Subject: Re: Dig Image 2006 problem

Seagul wrote:
> I've just installed DI2006, the image editor works ok but
> when I try to open the library I get a low disk space
> error message and the library cannot open. The problem is
> that I have 39Gb free on C drive where the program is
> installed.
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> Paul
I guess you are running Windows XP?
Fully updated with current drivers?

First...try renaming or deleting the
Library database file...Pictures.pd3...

You'll find it at:
C:Documents and Settings
Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoft

Try opening the Library again.

If that fails to correct the issue, try uninstalling/
reinstalling the program as per the instructiions
in the following article:

(916469) Error message when you start Picture
It! or Digital Image: "Unable to complete action
an unexpected error occurred when trying to
create a dialog"...(begin at: Method 3)

During the reinstall...close all programs, especially
virus scanners and if you have an HP OfficeJet...
turn it off. This and other install tips are discussed
in a readme file on disk one.


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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