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Subject: Re: Cloning

I want to get some spots of an old picture. I use to have a old Picture It
program that had clone painting and I could do it with that. The newer
versions do not have that. Does Digital Image Suite 2006 have it.
Vicky Deishler

"Gord Dibben" wrote:

> Vicki
> From DIS 2006 Help
> Paint with the clone brush
> You can duplicate the color and texture of areas within a pictureGeneral term
> refers to a single photo or a composite project on the canvas. by using the
> clone brush. For example, you could paint a duplicate of a person or flower
> that's already in your picture.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> To paint with the clone brush:
> Select the picture you want to edit.
> On the Touchup menu, click Clone Brush.
> Under Click a brush size, select a brush size. Optional: Customize your
> settings.
> Click Customize settings.
> Under Click a brush shape, click the brush shape you want.
> To increase the transparencyAn effect that enables the background to show
> through a picture or object. of the stroke, drag the sliderA control that sets
> values by sliding a marker to the left or the right. to the right under Adjust
> the paint transparency.
> Click the Back arrow.
> Click the area of the picture that you want to duplicate.
> Move the circle pointer to the spot you want to paint.
> Drag the pointer across the picture to paint the area.
> Click Done.
> Tip
> Click Set new start position each time you want to begin clone painting an area
> of the picture.
> Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP
> On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 20:53:01 -0700, Vicky
> wrote:
> >I want to purchase Digital Image Suite 2006. I am wanting to know if you can
> >perform cloing in the edit part of the program.


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