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From DIS 2006 Help

Paint with the clone brush
You can duplicate the color and texture of areas within a pictureGeneral term
refers to a single photo or a composite project on the canvas. by using the
clone brush. For example, you could paint a duplicate of a person or flower
that's already in your picture.


To paint with the clone brush:
Select the picture you want to edit.
On the Touchup menu, click Clone Brush.
Under Click a brush size, select a brush size. Optional: Customize your
Click Customize settings.
Under Click a brush shape, click the brush shape you want.
To increase the transparencyAn effect that enables the background to show
through a picture or object. of the stroke, drag the sliderA control that sets
values by sliding a marker to the left or the right. to the right under Adjust
the paint transparency.
Click the Back arrow.

Click the area of the picture that you want to duplicate.
Move the circle pointer to the spot you want to paint.
Drag the pointer across the picture to paint the area.
Click Done.

Click Set new start position each time you want to begin clone painting an area
of the picture.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 20:53:01 -0700, Vicky

>I want to purchase Digital Image Suite 2006. I am wanting to know if you can
>perform cloing in the edit part of the program.


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