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Subject: Re: Can't use DI after windows update

George_06 wrote:
> John,
> Sorry to say the problem recurred this morning.
> Identical symproms and message. I am not aware of
> anything I might have done to affect things. Grateful for
> any help or comment.
No one knows your computer better than
you so all I can do is make some guesses.
You'll have to recognize if any of it is relevant.
Good luck...it'll take a while to read it all.

Might be worth a try to uninstall/reinstall PI2002.

(314754) PIP: Start Error Message Involving
the Mhputil6.dll File or the Mhputil7.dll File
(begin at: Remove The Program)

How much RAM do you have? I wonder
if the following article would be useful:

(316861) PIP2002: Error Message When
You Start Program

Here's another possibility:

(829147) "PIP.EXE has encountered errors
and needs to close" error message when you
open or edit a template in Picture It!

Also...have you changed your Video Driver?
Reducing your Graphics Hardware Acceleration
may help...the following article explains how:

(272193) PI: How to Troubleshoot
Graphics Issues
(scroll down to: "Reduce the Graphics
Hardware Acceleration Setting")

(299060) PI: General Protection Fault Error
Message When You Edit a Picture, Open a
Picture, or Start or Close Picture it! Publishing

This is an unusual problem and I'm not
convinced that the Windows Update is
at the heart of it but as far as I know the
following link is the most recent update
if you would like to try it.

Security Update for Windows XP (KB908531)
(Date Published: 4/25/2006)

Did you try uninstalling the update or doing
a System Restore?

I can offer you some *general* suggestions that
help me to run several versions of Picture It! /
Digital Image on my Win XP Pro SP2 machine
(fully updated from Windows Update site):

Before installing Picture It! / Digital Image...all
programs should be shut down...especially virus
scanners. If you have an HP Office Jet...disable
it also. (this is discussed in a readme file on
disk one)

It has been reported that Norton GoBack
4.0 may not be fully compatible with DIP9 or
DIP10. This could be an issue with WinXP
SP2. It can cause the error BAD_POOL_
HEADER and may cause a blue screen
crash when you attempt save. One possible
solution is to Uninstall Norton GoBack 4.0.
Norton GoBack 4.0 is included in Norton
SystemWorks 5. Also...if you run Norton
Live Update manually you should have the
opportunity to download a Goback update
to version 4.02 that will solve the issue.

Digital Image Editor 2006 will not launch...
No error messages appear. It has been
reported that this can be caused by
"Stardock's Icon Packager" if it's set to
"rebuild Icon cache". To solve the issue...
remove the option and reboot.


Repair Shell Icons feature is enabled in
Stardock’s Icon Packager. Open
Stardock’s Icon Packager and access
the Settings for the program. You should
find a Repair Shell Icons check box.
Uncheck this feature, reboot your system,
and then Run Paint Shop Pro X. In later
versions the Repair Shell Icons check box
is located under the Enhanced Dialog
Settings box


If you happen to have Adobe PhotoShop or
Elements installed...right click on a .jpg file
and choose Properties. Click the Photoshop
Image tab and uncheck the "Generate Thumbnails"
button, then click OK.

If you are running Norton AntiVirus 2004...add the
following files to the Auto-Scan Exclusion list:
Users of PI / DIP7.0...add piorg7.db
Users of PI / DIP9 or DIP10...add piorg.db

Also...the following software has been reported
to be incompatible with various Picture It! products.

Replay TV Software
Veritas Netbackup Professional backup
eFax Messenger Plus

AdsGone Popup Killer...can prevent your helpful
movies from working. Disable it before opening
Picture It! / Digital Image.

It has also been reported that being on a network
can cause Picture It! to be slow.

Make certain that your Video, Printer and
Scanner drivers are the most current available.
Check the manufacturer's websites for updated
drivers. Even if your computer is new...there
could be updates available.

It may be worth a try to reduce your Graphics
Hardware Acceleration as per the instructions
in the following KB article:

(272193) PI: How to Troubleshoot
Graphics Issues
If this improves the situation, it is a strong
indicator that you need to update your video

Before opening Picture It...close all programs
running in the background...*especially* virus

Run Disk Cleanup (all options), Error-Checking/
ScanDisk and Defrag regularly. (make sure
all your Temp and Temporary Internet files
are deleted).

(310312) Description of the Disk Cleanup
Tool in Windows XP

(315265) How to Perform Disk Error Checking
in Windows XP

(314848) How to Defragment Your Disk
Drive Volumes in Windows XP

(305781) HOW TO: Analyze and Defragment
a Disk in Windows XP

If you are using the 2002 (or earlier) version
of Picture It, and have lots of images saved
in My Documents / My Pictures...it can help
to move them to a different location.

It also may help if you choose "Icon List"
instead of "Thumbnails" on your folder view
when you go to...File / Open. (this setting
will be reflected on your "Save As" screen also)

Having a hard drive that is 50% free doesn't
hurt either.

Running Win XP Pro SP2, I found that
increasing my paging file was beneficial...
the following article explains how to do it:

(308417) HOW TO: Set Performance
Options in Windows XP

One last suggestion...open fewer images
and save often.


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

Digital Image
Highlights and FAQs

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