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Subject: Re: Can't use DI after windows update


I'm feeling slightly foolish - tonight it seems to be working! This
morning, after installing update, I tried to load a picture from My Pictures
folder into Picture It, and repeatedly got error message below. I restarted
computer, and still got same message:

Runtime Eror!
Program: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Picture It! 2002Pip.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the applications's support team for more information.

This kept happening till I gave up. Computer has not been switched off in
interim, but now the application seems to work. It also works when I load
the program and try to load a picture from My Pictures file (which it didn't
this morning).

I'm mystified, and am not aware of having done anything different. Sorry if
this is a false alarm, but grateful for any comments.


"John Inzer" wrote:

> George_06 wrote:
> > I think I've got the same problem with Microsft Picture
> > It 2002 (and in Windows XP, on an HP pavilion 491). It
> > worked fine yesterday, and aving installed latest Widows
> > Update this morning I can't now get into the program. I
> > don't know the update number,or how to uninstall it (I
> > think I read that I wouldn't be able to). I'm scared by
> > the complexity and warnings given in the reference below,
> > and amazed that Microsoft encourge us to load an update,
> > apparently knowing that it will crash important software.
> > Is there a simple/safe solution?
> ==================================
> What...exactly...happens when you try to open
> PI2002...do you receive an error? What is the
> error?
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> John Inzer
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