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Subject: Re: Adobe DNG Converter as PlugIn

I don't think it works as a plugin but there again I don't really know
every flavour DNG convertor is supplied in. I am assuming you have CS
or CS2.

For CS
- create a desktop shortcut to Adobe DNG Converter.exe (it avoids all
the trouble of finding the containing directory/folder)

- either from the shortcut just created or directly from the .exe, start
DNG Convertor

In CS it runs outside of Photoshop so starting CS first doesn't really help

I wish I could describe how it works in CS2 - maybe similar?

There are dedicated Adobe Forums if you seek further advice


Bernd Pfann [MS] wrote:
> Hi all
> Does anything has a clue how to get the Adobe DNG Converter as PlugIn
> working?
> --
> Thanks, Bernd


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Re: Adobe DNG Converter as PlugIn

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