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Subject: Re: (related articles) Faces Appear Red

Good point John!

Some video card drivers are updated every 6 weeks or so and there are
other updates.

Some of these depend upon how good a service provision is made by the
mobo supplier. Some are excellent and I have the highest regard of MSI
in this respect after completing some major updates using a Live Update

However, it is best not to rush into these things unaware for obvious
reasons (if the reasons are not obvious it is probably better letting
one's local computer shop prepare the updates etcetera on the users behalf)

John Inzer wrote:
> It's also possible that you need to update your video driver. Try
> reducing your Graphics Hardware Acceleration as per the instructions in
> the following article and if an improvement is realized...go to the
> website of your video adapter's mfg. and search for an updated driver.
> (272193) PI: How to Troubleshoot
> Graphics Issues
> http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=272193
> Another possible...
> (282897) Printed Colors May Not Match the Colors on the Screen
> http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282897
>> RobRoy wrote:
>>> They appear fine.
>> ============================
>> If the images appear differently in
>> WP&F Viewer and DIS2006...The problem
>> is probably related to the color profile.
>> Do you have anything selected in the
>> "Change Color Management settings"
>> option of DIS2006? (it's on the print screen)
>> If you do...uncheck everything and see
>> if it makes a difference.


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Re: (related articles) Faces Appear Red

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