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Subject: RE: Very frustrated with DIS 2006

Josie, I also had problems with Pinnacle, I was abble to install it but my
computer always hang and I had to reboot, not very happy with this. I just
try it for a couple of days and returned to the store and I get the DIS 2006
and now it's working just fine, I'm very happy with the product. For photo
stories I use different softwares dependin on what I'm looking for, foe
example; Movie Maker 2 and Photo Story 3.1, I also use Easy Media Creator 8
from Roxio.

In case that you cannot return the product try to do the install without
Pinnacle, (I'm not sure if you can do this). But try to keep on DIS 2006 you
get a lot for your money.


"Josie" wrote:

> Hi: I have been a loyal and happy user of PI and all the DIS versions. But
> now I am a very unhappy user of the 2006 version that I bought with Pinnacle
> in December because a friend recommended Pinnacle to get my photo stories
> with more options.I'm not having problems with DIS, it's with Pinnacle.
> I figured if it comes with DIS it will be easier to
> integrate both. Well!!!!!... I've been out of the country for some months
> and
> now that am back I tried to install the program three times and it never
> works. Am I
> doing something wrong? I have all the requirements in my PC and am not an
> expert but pretty good at using the PC but cannot figure out what this is.
> Are others having similar problems? Is Microsoft addressing this if it is
> the software? I paid for this when I bought DIS 06 and cannot use it. I'd
> like
> to either get another one that works or my money returned.
> Can you please comment? Josie


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