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Subject: Plugin errors after Windows update?

I installed the automatic updates released yesterday by Windows and today
every time I try to launch a plugin filter , DIS2006 closes. There is no
error message or warning it just closes.
Everything was fine yesterday so I am thinking its a clash with the latest
update. I have over 20 plugins and ive tried half - the problem is the same
with each. Thsi si teh only error that is occuring, everything else is
operating normally.
Any one else run in to this?
I have DIS 2006 Suite running XP Home with 1Gb Ram and 400GB harddrive so i
know its not a memory issue - Ive also done scan disk, clean up disk etc
Yet to uninstall and reinstall though.


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Re: Plugin errors after Windows update?
Re: Plugin errors after Windows update?

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