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Subject: Home network

I just started using Digital Imaging Studio this weekend. My question is
about flags and a network. My wife and I use different computers in our home
but access all of our pictures on a file server in the garage. Previously I
had all the images in folders that I made myself, there was pretty much no
way to do anykind of automatic importing from our digital camera. So what we
want to do now if just have all the pics in one folder and use flags to sort
them inside of DIS06. My question is, are the flags saved in the pic file or
is it apart of the DIS program? It seems from what I read that it is saved
in a .pod file I believe.

So that means that any changes my wife does will not be reflected on my
computer, and vice versa. By changes I mean importing and adding flags to
the imported pictures. So is there anyway that DIS can work off of a
networked pod file, or is there another solution that would enable the two
computers to work off a file server?

Thanks in adavance


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Re: Home network

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