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Subject: EXIF data

Scenario: I use DIP 10 to do all my post processing because it is wonderfully

Resizing for web and/or scaling (down) the image is less than adequet (IMO)
and creates quite a bit of jaggies, Therefore I use the GIMP to scale my
images as it uses cubic interpolation (like PS) for scaling.

When I complete my post p with DIP10 the EXIF data is present on the edited
photo but modified slightly, notable I see some camera info missing, firmware
etc. (not too important)

When I scale the image down using the GIMP the EXIF is lost on the saved
GIMP photo. I can Post P the same photo with the GIMP scale it and the EXIF
is in tact.

DIP10 is outputting something with the EXIF that other editors do not like.

Question is: Is there a way to tweak the way DIP10 saves the EXIF data in a
Edited Photo?

If DIP10 scaled (downsized) or saved for web a little cleaner (with smaller
filesize jpgs) I would never leave DIP, But there is no avoiding the jaggies
with DIP resizing.


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Re: EXIF data

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