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Subject: orthonormal frame transformation

hi all,
I would like to find a transformation which transforms one orthonormal
frame F0 (with vectors n0, t0, b0 - normal, tangent and binormal) into
another orthonormal frame F1 where I know only n1 (normal) and t1, b1
are unknown. So there is one degree of freedom in the choice of t1
(since b1 can be computed as b1 = t1 x n1). I would like to choose t1
so that the transformation between F0 and F1 is sort of minimal. I
don't know how to quantify an amount of transformation, but I feel that
the F1 should be as similar as possible to F0 so that not very dramatic
transformation is required to transform F0 to F1.




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Re: orthonormal frame transformation

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