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Subject: constraining voronoi volumes by segment ratio

dear group,

i'm struggeling with the following issue:
i'm working on a design based on voronoi volumes, where a series of
input points in a volume are constrained to this volume, simple by
mirroring the input points to the facets nearest to these. to be able
to produce this design there is a last hurdle to overcome. i need to
find a distribution of points generating the voronoi cells that the
ratio between the largest and smallest segment of each voronoi cell are
no greater than 1:6
# actually the ratio depends on the volume of the cell
# for now i take 1:6 as my goal...

for now my hunch is that this problem could be tackled by finding the
extreme angles and their corresponding segments. but for now this is no
more than a hunch. any suggestion to tackling this problem or
formalizing this notion to code would be immensely appreciated.

i'm fairly new to computational geometry, and am not a computer
scientist by profession, however i think it is of great importance in
my field (architecture)




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