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Subject: Schroeder Decimation

Hi to everybody. I'm an italian student and I've some problems to find
a simple c++ implementation of Schoder algorithm (NO VTK!!). I have a
mesh described in a .OFF file and I want to decimate it recording all
triangles that was deleted, so I will able to trasmit to a client the
compressed model and step-by-step update for reconstruction of the
original mesh.
ex. Complex model(1billion triangle)-->decimation-->Simple Model (500k
triangle)+ history triangle deleted.

The code I'm searching for must be very simple.
Everybody can help me....Thanks a lot...and excuse for my english...It
should be terrible :P

P.s. If schoeder decimation is not avaiable i'm interested to other
algorithms too. But I think,after having read a lot of article,that
schoeder is the simplest one.


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