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Subject: Red Yellow to Red Green Conversion


I'm a little new to the color conversion world and I'm struggling with
coming up with a good conversion algorithm for this. I am designing a
program that creates graphics for a roadside sign that uses pixels that
each consist of a Red(0-255) and a Yellow(0-255) value. So the possible
colors are Red, Yello, and all the shades of orange in between with out
there ever being a tint of green. Now I have to represent this on the
user's monitor using the Red and Green values of an RGB pixel.
Obviously blue will always be zero, and I'll have to use Red and Green
to show as many Red/Yellow combinations as possible without any green

I'm stumped on how to do this conversion. Everything I've tried for
coming up with a color palette eventually brings in green tints. Can
anyone offer any advice on how ot approach this?

Thanks much.


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Re: Red Yellow to Red Green Conversion
Re: Red Yellow to Red Green Conversion

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