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Subject: Re: tangent space for normal mapping

Thank you! I'm very sorry, think that I changed newsgroup because I was a
little proccupied to abuse of your help! If I knew you were here as well, I
would have posted again in ogl (though this is less opengl related and more
math related).
Ok, perhaps I should explain something more: I already gave my algebra exam
at the university a couple of years ago, but since that day I never worked
with vector spaces again. Now I'm studing for the last exam, and I really
don't have the time to learn everything from scratch, and I get different
answers anytime I see a tut or post a question. So I'm a bit confused.
Now, what you describe is exactly what I've just implemented, but I wanted
only to be sure I was doing it right.
I have one more question: currently I average tangents and bitangents
exactly as I do for normals. After that I orthonormalize. Is this wrong?
Should I orthonormalize without averaging? Do the two differs?
Sorry again, I've just implemented Shadow Mapping the last week and I tought
that bump mapping would have been easier and not harder (2d bump mapping is
so easy!)
Thank you!


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Re: tangent space for normal mapping

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