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Subject: Re: reddish image computed by Median Cut algorithm

api wrote:
> I'm implementing Median Cut and Wu's Statistical color quantization
> algorithms for my computer graphics course. Wu's works fine already (however
> still there are some artifacts for quantization into a large number of
> colors), but I'm still facing quite serious problems with the Median Cut.
> The problem is that the quantized image is reddish. I mean the red
> coordinate in every pixel seems to be really strong. I tried different
> approaches for finding mid color for a box, but every time I got the same
> result. Has anyone ever faced similiar problem? Any ideas what can cause
> such weird behaviour?

Last time I needed quantization, I used octree. :-(

A couple of things come to mind:

Is the cut plane calculated as an integer or floating point?
If integer, how are you dealing with the pixels that lie on the plane?



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