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Subject: Re: problem with GIF decoding

"yatir" wrote in message
> hi
> I have this animated gif of a rolling flower.
> If I view it on my pc/web page- every thing looks fine.
> but in the C++ Gif decoder I am using - the last frame (frame #5)
> looks garbaged
> and I think I have some bug in the area of Lemple-Ziv decoding of the
> frame's data
> I tried to open it in another decoder and the same problem happened!
> Maybe one of you can figure this out?
> here is the link of the animated gif
> http://www.geocities.com/byatir2001/f.gif
> here is the garbaged frame I am getting (shown as a JPG)
> http://www.geocities.com/byatir2001/flower.JPG

(after just a quick glance, I might be wrong about this!) -- the image
itself looks okay, no weird runaway scanlines -- as I have seen in my own
bad decoders. I'd say it's the palette that's getting trashed, or maybe it
needs to be set anew for the final image.



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Re: problem with GIF decoding

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