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Subject: Re: orthonormalizing l.d. vectors

>> I have got N vector of lenght V, they are not linearly independent. I
>> need to make these vectors orthonormal.
> Ill-defined problem.

yes, definitely

What are you allowed to do to the vectors?

> more importantly, what's supposed to be kept?

the direction should be kept.

Those are shape vectors: each of them tells how to move some vertexes of
a trianguled mesh given a parameter.

I'll try to be a bit clearer: what I have is a trianguled mesh, a model.
It is defined as a base shape vector (just the coordinates of the v
vertices of the model) plus a linear combination of n shape vectors:

S = S0 + sum ( pi * Si )

now, the shape vectors that I have got are not orthonormal (as
requested) and I have no idea on how to make them so...

> I guess you wouldn't a completely random of orthonormal that contains
> only a single, randomly chosen one of your inputs, a solution to the
> problem. So: why not?

sorry I don't know if I got that

there are no numbers in my email address


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Re: orthonormalizing l.d. vectors
Re: orthonormalizing l.d. vectors

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