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Subject: Re: method of separating angles?

wrote in message
> Dave Eberly wrote:
>> "Nils" wrote in message
>> > Haha, yes we can't be all rocket scientists..
>> The problem is that some people want to be rocket
>> scientists without learning any science.

> Can you imagine a scenario that some people are still in the process of
> learning? You're saying that people who are in that process are not
> allowed to post here, is that right?

No he's not. Everybody who frequents cga knows that Dave Eberly is
always willing and able to help people who are still learning.
He's just complaining that many of them don't want to put in the effort
to learn the basics before attempting to solve a "complicated problem"
and sort of expect a guided tour of how to solve said complicated problem
oh and ready-to-run source code would be nice too thanks.

> If you don't want to answer questions, then just don't. No one is
> forcing you to explain anything.

It's clear that he enjoys educating and helping other people. He's just
(politely) venting his frustration that people seem to be taking it for

I'm not sure whether having tea would help in this case ;-)

Just my 2 cents.


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