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Subject: Re: method of separating angles?

wrote in message

> Can you imagine a scenario that some people are still in the process of
> learning? You're saying that people who are in that process are not
> allowed to post here, is that right?

> If you don't want to answer questions, then just don't. No one is
> forcing you to explain anything.

I believe the negativity of the post started with my response
to Nils comment about rocket scientists, not in my response
to your initial post. My apologies.

I did answer your question, including a link to a document
on the topic and two book references. If you have difficulties
understanding the online document, then the real answer is to
work on improving your mathematical skills. Even if you
understand the mathematics of this topic, you then have to
deal with the usual curse of floating-point arithmetic in
computational geometry problems. Yet another topic to learn

My comments about improving "poor math skills" were
intended as part of the "answer". The posts I had referred
to sometimes go down the path of the OP insisting that
the only barrier to his learning is that the "answers" people
post are not written well in a simple enough manner to
convey the information. The flawed assumption is that
there *is* a simple enough description. If it were simply
a matter of saying the right words to convey the content,
we would be teaching Calculus in kindergarten :)

> The difference is I guess that with a jumbo jet, you can crash into
> some buildings and all....

> ... This means that you have to be skilled before you can get in.

Great! You understood my point :)

You asked about collision detection. The topic has roots in
robotics. I can imagine situations that involve building a
physical system that relies on accurate computations by the
collision detection system and, if those computations are
inaccurate or if an algorithm is incorrectly implemented, the
results are potentially catastrophic. Actually, one of my
subcontractors works in the area of robotics and has worked
on robotics projects such as automatic polishing of fighter jet
canopies and on transcranial magnetic stimulation.
These are areas in which you have to do it right...

Like most folks these days, perhaps you want to do this
for a computer game application. Sure, no severe
consequences in such applications if the collision detection
is not correct or accurate. Some of us have gotten used to
games in which various portions of character anatomy are
sticking through walls :) Regardless, having good math
skills is a prerequisite for working on topics such as collision
detection and physical simulation.

Dave Eberly


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