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Subject: Re: method of separating angles?

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> I've come across quite some suggestions saying that the best
> thing to do was "the method of separating angles".

The correct name is "method of separating axes". For
details, see
This allows you to test for overlap.

To compute the distance between two cubes, the
algorithms are more complicated than the method
of separating axes. Look into the "GJK algorithm",
which is a general algorithm for computing the distance
between two convex polyhedra. A good book that has a
significant discussion is
Collision Detection in Interactive 3D Environments
Gino van den Bergen (http://www.dtecta.com)
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2003

A good book on collision detection and algorithms is
Real-Time Collision Detection
Christer Ericson (http://realtimecollisiondetection.net)
Morgain Kaufmann Publishers, 2004

> My math skills aren't that good, ...

If you want to develop using computer graphics technology,
your math skills must be good.

Dave Eberly


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