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Subject: Re: line intersecting point in 3d

jaso wrote:

[Big snippage --- Jaso, please remove quoted material you're not actually
going to refer to...]

> So can anyone help me give me good values for my scene, like the
> coordinates for my camera, x & y is 0, and z should be negative.
> Viewport resolution is 320x200, and the sphere should be at the
> center, that is x, y is 0, and z positive.

Insufficient specification. You have to know how large the viewport
is in the modelled world. In other words, you need the field-of-view
angles, to be able to specify a minimal feature size that will show up
at this viewport resolution, in a given distance from the camera. For
an example, with 90 degrees full horizontal FOV, camera at -1, sphere
center at +1, a view port pixel at the sphere's position will be 2/160
world units large. I.e. a sphere of radius 0.05 would end up as a
circle of 4 pixels radius, on screen.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker@physik.rwth-aachen.de)
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