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Subject: Re: get triangles more close to viewer

yes, that's right ... but you'd have to do it per every pixel, i.e. for
1027x768 pixels, one'd have to shoot 786432 rays ... otherwise you risk you
miss some triangles and have your objects randomly disappearing. it would be
propably faster to continue using traditional raytracing with such an
attitude. but since you want to generate lightmap, i assume you want it to
be rendered using some scanline based renderer, such as open-gl ... then you
can't use octree. you could trace ray from every polygon back to viewpoint,
but it's likely to be slow as well

"Marco" píse v diskusním príspevku
> Are you sure that I can't get triangles with octree?
> I saw a demo where a player collide with a terrain.Terrain organize as
> octree.
> I remember that to do collision detection check a player sphere against
> the most close octree leafs.


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