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Subject: Re: Using colour to indicate response intensity

On Thu, 25 May 2006 16:09:36 +1000, "David White"
>I'm looking for an algorithm to convert a number in the range, min >= n >= max, into a
>colour. I've Googled for it but I can only find HSV to RGB conversions. The full HSV scale
>is not suitable because it's circular. Plenty of people must have to do this, e.g.,
>weather maps that use colour to indicate rainfall intensity. Is there a "standard"
>algorithm that takes a single number in a suitable range and outputs the corresponding RGB
>value for a linear rather than circular colour progression?

The phrase "false color" is good to know. As you say, this is used for
weather maps. It is also used for many other purposes, and the best
map depends on the data and the task. Many options and discussions can
be found on the EFG color reference page:

Look for the "False Colors" section. Among other things it shows the
color maps used for some weather images. Highly recommended reading is
the first link listed:


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