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Subject: Re: Understanding raytracing code

Lord Crc skrev:
> On Mon, 15 May 2006 19:54:12 GMT, john wrote:
> Here it computes the direction of a ray originating somewhere behind
> the image, centered in the x, y plane.
> [...]
> Here's the meat of the thing. It starts out in the origin (ala the
> position of you eyes), and then moves in the direction of the view
> vector, each step the same length as the length of the view vector.

When you say that the ray originates from somewhere behind the image,
is that the same position as that of my eyes?

Thanks alot for the explanation!
It really helped me out, I don't understand it 100% yet, but its
getting close. From your answer I've been able to know what to google
for and to read about.


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Re: Understanding raytracing code

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