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Subject: Re: Red Yellow to Red Green Conversion

"gthimmes" wrote in message
> Roger,
> I do understand the individual RGB vallues and that Red and Green make
> Yellow. While my red value can never be less than the green value, it
> will need to move from 255 all the way down to 0. The real trouble for
> me is translating all the yellow to red values I can represent with RG
> to what I can represent on an outdoor LED advertisement board that
> contains pixels each with a red and a yellow lamp. Having the display
> board look the same as my monitor will be the trick. I was hoping there
> was an algorithm that would do this conversion, but it looks like I
> need to just hammer it out myself.

Your problem, then, is how to display the colour formed when both red and
yellow are at 255. This would be give-or-take 510,255,0 RGB and is too
bright to represent on your monitor.

A good starting point would be to halve everything, so 100% R = 128,0,0 and
100% Y = 128,128,0 - and turn up the monitor brightness.

You might need to think about gamma correction though.



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