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Subject: Re: MMX Optimized Image Processing - Advice needed for data structure

> That is a headache. I can no longer process the data in a single loop.
> This is because The last data of the current line, is NO longer besides
> the first data of the next line.

Such is the price of generalization. My advice is an old one: 'First
make it work, then make it fast'. The way I have come to see this is
that a given problem has some minimal work which must be carried out to
solve it correctly. The problem is that when we imagine a solution, our
minds almost automatically abstract away the small details. These small
details might have a dramatic effect on the complexity of a problem.
After this we might be spending hours on trying to create a fast
implementation just to see that the algorithm behind it is not adequate
to solve the problem afterall. An absolute time-saver is to first
concentrate on the algorithm and only if it is working, concentrate on
the implementation of the algorithm (and not the other way around).

Kalle Rutanen


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