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Subject: Re: Lineal algebra problem

"guanaco" wrote in message
> cr88192 wrote:
>> my usual approach:
>> if the question is incompletely specified, assume the simplest likely
>> answer
>> (maybe specifying that the question was incomplete).
> Well, in my case your approach were right. I did not need a general
> move camera procedure. I just want move the camera, assuming the fov
> and the "up" side are the same.
> Other person pointed me to this page
> http://www.dotcsw.com/doc/shadows.html where there is a handy C program
> to solve the problem.
yes, ok.

just me seeing a lot of "is there an answer to some (typically
straightforwards) problem", "no, because some definitional rules require
more information", or related, "no, because there are multiple answers" type
setups (better to leave this for when the question is "truely"

of course, I am not that good with wording or focus sometimes, but oh

>> this rule contributes some to my general social interaction as well, as
>> most
>> people like to give incomplete questions or answers in their social
>> interactions, or to insufficiently state their current state or
>> intentions,
>> or to not state anything at all. one then has to rely, eg, on a guess
>> based
>> on their past interactions, or, failing that, the general set of
>> interactions with people in general (present state and intent thus become
>> a
>> matter of probability...).
> Good rule :-)


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