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Subject: Re: Lineal algebra problem

cr88192 wrote:
> my usual approach:
> if the question is incompletely specified, assume the simplest likely answer
> (maybe specifying that the question was incomplete).

Well, in my case your approach were right. I did not need a general
move camera procedure. I just want move the camera, assuming the fov
and the "up" side are the same.

Other person pointed me to this page
http://www.dotcsw.com/doc/shadows.html where there is a handy C program
to solve the problem.

> this rule contributes some to my general social interaction as well, as most
> people like to give incomplete questions or answers in their social
> interactions, or to insufficiently state their current state or intentions,
> or to not state anything at all. one then has to rely, eg, on a guess based
> on their past interactions, or, failing that, the general set of
> interactions with people in general (present state and intent thus become a
> matter of probability...).

Good rule :-)


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