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Subject: Re: How to get angle and speed to reach a movable point

staryon@gmail.com wrote:
> We need to know what angle and speed A should follow to reach B in the
> shortest amount of time possible. The algorithm will be called every
> second, since B may be changing its position and angle at any time.
That's a *really* old problem. For what I know it was
already known in XVIII century! That time it was about how to
sail a frigate to intercept an enemy ship (BTW they had another
factor, as well - the wind).

The problem decomposes into two cases: does B "know" that is
being chased or no? The strategy is different in each case.

If it does know, the best strategy (as far as I remember) is
to sail directly on B, if it is not aware of the fact that it is
being chased, the best strategy is to sail on the interception point.

Presently, almost 300 years later, we have better mathematical tools
to describe the situation, but they are based on the distruibution of
probability of B taking a given speed (and direction). Since your
math skills are said to be weak you may stick to one of the
two old strategies described above (or to the one described by John
Nagle in the other subthread - IMHO this is the case for uniform


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Re: How to get angle and speed to reach a movable point

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