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Subject: Re: How to get angle and speed to reach a movable point

This is a classic problem in missile guidance. And there's
a simple solution.

There are two obvious points to aim at - where the target is now,
and where the target will be if it continues on its present course
and speed for the time required to get there.

If you aim for where the target is now, and they can maneuver,
you'll chase them ineffectively. If you aim for the intercept
point, you'll miss if they maenuver.

So aim for a point midway between those two points. The
effect will be that you take a path which puts you in trail
on the target, and in a good position for the final attack run.
The odds of a hit are good and it will look realistic.

Some real surface-to-air missiles, usually the
larger radar-guided ones, work this way.

John Nagle

Kaba wrote:
>>I'm been trying to find a solution for this but my math skills are not
>>very high and I haven't found anything yet. I hope you guys may give me
>>some ideas.
>>The problem is the following:
>>- We have a 2D scenario.
>>- There are two points in there, A and B. For each point we know its
>>position (x,y), speed (V), and the current direction (0 to 360)
>>- We know the maximum speed that A can reach. (Vmax)
>>- B may change its direction and speed at any moment. We don't know the
>>maximum speed that B may reach.


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